Linvio PaymentConnect™

Linvio PaymentConnect for Salesforce

PaymentConnect™ is Linvio's premier eCommerce framework for Salesforce. With PaymentConnect and you can link your Salesforce account with your Authorize.Net, PayPal, eWay and/or WorldPay account and begin processing credit card payments, hosted web payments, refunds and manual check/money order transactions natively within Salesforce.

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PaymentConnect allows you to initiate transactions from inside Salesforce as well as post transactions to Salesforce from external shopping carts and eCommerce applications. While built-in workflow hooks and Visualforce components provide the tools you need to link your existing business processes with transaction events.

With Linvio PaymentConnect you can turn into a powerful e-commerce platform streamlining and automating every step of your business process, from marketing to payment collection and fulfillment. Collect and develop leads, market and sell your product and collect payments online - all from one fully integrated system.

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Process One-Time and Recurring Payments

With Linvio PaymentConnect you can create and manage one time credit card and echeck transactions, as well as recurring payments natively in Salesforce.

Now your sales team can build an Opportunity, or sales quote, and go directly to collecting recurring payments - all within the same system. With PaymentConnect and Salesforce you can even build custom workflow to respond to each completed payment automatically.

And if you have your own custom objects in Salesforce, PaymentConnect can be used process payments connected to those as well.



Use the Payment Processor That's Right for You

Linvio PaymentConnect seamlessly integrates with Authorize.Net, PayPal, eWay and/or WorldPay and supports a wide range of ecommerce and transaction management features offered by your payment processor. Depending on which processor you use, you can use PaymentConnect to handle payment notifications, set up recurring billing profiles, run secure eCheck or credit card transactions, do refunds and voids, and even process payments using tokenized card information.

With PaymentConnect, you can pick the processor that offers the right feature set and pricing to meet your business needs, while leveraging the power of the Salesforce platform.

See our features chart for more information.


Supported Payment Processors


iPhone Card Terminal

Process Payments On the Go

Want to take orders and process payments while you're out and about? No problem! Using Linvio PaymentConnect, your sales team can take payments from virtually anywhere and transactions and contact information get added to your Salesforce account automatically.

With mobile access to your customer data, sales orders and payment management your sales team can be in the right place and the right time to close deals - not stuck behind a desk.



Build Your Own Personalized E-Commerce Solutions

With Linvio PaymentConnect and Salesforce you can use pre-built visualforce components and add-ons like the Mini-Store or Quote & Invoices modules to create your own custom ecommerce solutions.

Built-in workflow hooks and triggers also allow click-to-configure workflow automation, custom reporting, and robust Apex solution development all on one platform.


Build you own custom ecommerce solution


Credit Card Terminal

Recurring Billing Profile Terminal (PayPal)

Payment Detail Record

Payment detail record in Salesforce

Cash Entry Terminal

Multiple Payment Processor Support

Installment Payments Terminal

Site Quote Authorization Page

Recurring Payment Profile Detail Record

Payment Profile detail page

Sample Sites Quote Payment Page
(w/Sample Sites Template)

Site Quote Authorization Page

Native Sites Checkout Page
(w/Sample Sites Template)

Support for Multiple Payment Processors

Multiple Payment Processor Support


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Video: PaymentConnect Overview

Setting Up a Payment Processor Account:

. eWay AU, eWay NZ, eWay UK
. WorldPay



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