Payment Terminal USB Card Swipe Support

For PaymentConnect customers who take credit card payments using a laptop or PC at a point of sale, Linvio PaymentConnect 5.0 now includes support for a USB card swipe reader when using the native Payment Terminal, AuthNet ARB Terminal, and PayPal Recurring Payments terminals.  These terminals are accessible to PaymentConnect users while logged into the standard Salesforce UI.


To activate the terminal card swipe feature find the PaymentConnect user terminal settings link on the user’s Salesforce home tab.  If the link is not visible, it can be added by editing the user’s home page layout in Salesforce, and adding the PaymentConnect home page component “PaymentConnect”.

Go to Setup –> Customize –> Home –> Home Page Layouts…

Click edit to add the component…

The new component should now be visible to you…


Check the “Enable Card Swipe” checkbox, save your changes, and then open the PaymentConnect Payment Terminal to process a credit card payment.   With the card swipe enabled, you should now see a “Swipe Card” link to the right of the credit card number field on the terminal.


After you have entered the payment details and are ready to take the customer’s card information, click “Swipe Card”, and a pop-up will display as the terminal waits for you to swipe the card.


When the swipe has been successfully processed, the terminal will update the Card Type, Credit Card Number and Card Expiration fields automatically.


PaymentConnect has been tested with and supports the following card readers: