PaymentConnect and Sharing Rules

In some cases, creating sharing rules for your Salesforce org can interfere with usage of our PaymentConnect, Linvio Donations, or Linvio Events systems.  If you are getting errors with pages coming up as “Authorization Required”, that can mean that the PaymentConnect Site Guest User is being prevented from accessing an object (like Contact, Account or Payment).  If this is happening, you can still keep your sharing rules, but it’s a good idea to create some rules to override those for our products.

In our example, we will create a sharing rule that will override the organization-wide sharing settings for Opportunities.
To do this:

Create a new group – Go to –> Setup –> Manage Users –> Public Groups –> New –> call it “Site Guest Users” –> Search users for PaymentConnect Site Guest User –> save


Create a new rule – Go to  Setup –> Security Controls –> Sharing settings –> select Opportunities from the dropdown list –> click “New” under “Opportunity Sharing rules” –>



Create a rule with the following…


That will create a sharing rule that says that everything belonging to any internal user will be available for the site guest user.


You can repeat this process to create rules to override for other objects as well.